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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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was an instructor for 12 years. we want to get in contact with everyone we can to determine his background and if there's more victims or witnesses involved. >> the instructor ralph todd is now out on bail. >> home and business owners use them to protect their property, we are talking about surveillance cameras. at home, you could find a burglar going through your belongings and in russia you can catch a streaking meteor. >> reporter: janelle, security experts say more and more people want to have an extra set of eyes and camera give them that and an added sense of security. when a meteorite struck russia last friday, many of the images were caught on dashboard cameras that are popular there. police have used them to record evidence of traffic stops in america.
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but now it's catching on with the masses. >> people want to know what is happening with their car. >> the biggest reason is to record traffic accidents, to record, what they see, crazy drivers on the road. just things they witness and want to share with other people. >> a quick youtube search brings up thousands of clips from dash cams. capping accident drivers behaving badly. >> as the price tag comes down. we will see more of this. >> technology experts say that clients want the cameras for security and surveillance. >> i have gotten calls of spouses wanting to know where their partner is. parents wanting to know where their teenager is and employers wanting to know where their employees are. >> the owner said that more popular than cameras are home surveillance systems. sales are up 75% over last year. >> a rot of people are interesting and buying close
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circuit televisions with digital recorders for their home. not just the one or two camera set ups. we have done 12 to 15 cameras in homes. >> the businesses say they can barely keep up with the demand for security systems. and the reason is simple. >> there's more break-ins and robberies. criminals are getting brave. yeah. >> police say they are always happy to get video surveillance and say the more cameras the better. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> well, it's a sight to see, snow capped mountains throughout the bay area. that cold alaskan storm has moved east but left us with beautiful visuals. now what a difference a day makes, check this out, the road to tahoe is all clear. big change from yesterday, when truckers were ordered to put on
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chains in near blizzard conditions. these pictures taken a few minutes ago by the traffic camera near echo smummit, traffc is moving nicely. you can bet, it could get crowded this weekend. skiers and snowboarders will be headed to tahoe. >> and road to l.a. was shut down earlier today, i-5 was closed down by the grapevine. the snow brought hundreds of cars to a stop last night. chp and road crews scrambled to reach them. thankfully no one was stuck overnight. travelers were just not prepared. what is happening around here? tonight and tomorrow. let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri with the first look. jeff. >> whield and extreme changes no doubt across california over the past 24 to 36 hours and many of you woke up to temperatures in the 20s across the interior valley. santa rosa with 28, napa 29, and livermore at 31 and san jose
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getting down to the mid 30s. what we have happening is on much cold air, the jet stream pushing to the south and the overnight chill is not going anywhere. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures will be in the 30s and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we will expect low to mid 30s in the interior valleys of the north bay. we will detail how long the cold nights will last and what our chances will be of any kind of rainfall in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you in a bit, thank you, jeff. construction crews cut in a gas line this morning causing a san francisco neighborhood to evacuate, it happened at the corner of 24th and bryant street. in the mission district. pg&e was at the scene. pg&e had to dig up the area around the line to turn off the gas and stop the leak. it took them a couple of hours to complete the repairs and
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restore service. >> also the north beach neighborhood is finally drying out. for most of the day, it was a wet mess. a water main break flooded the intersection. nearby residents had a rough morning. running water on the streets but none in their homes. >> i got up at 2:20 as i do every day to go to work at 3:00 and i weren't in to brush my teeth and wash my face and there was no water. all i could hear were bubbles in the background so i walked down the street and i see mess all over the place. >> a rough way to start the day. blame it on old age, the broken water line was installed in 1935. repair crews are guessing a combination of age and abrupt weather changes contributed to the rupture. >> they are trying to unralph a mystery surrounding a skeleto nempt, two miles west of skyline boulevard in the creek redwood
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open preserve. the bones were scattered in an area 100 yards off the trail. the remains are human. >> we had a chart of the teeth, we will enter that into the missing and unidentified person's network throughout the united states and hope to find a match that way. that is one wap of identifying the individual, and also a dna sample which will be taken up to the dna lab up in richmond california. >> the remains appear to be male, it's believed the bones have been there two years. >> take a look, it is from outer space and it will land near the 49ers stadium. this is a new corporate campus. the facility will be made up of two identical structures. glass walls and a domed roof. construction begins this june. and invidia expects to move in
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in 2015. >> they are two of the biggest names in silicon valley and they are giving out thousands of dollars. the new life sciences break through prize was created by zuckerberg, google founder brin and milner, 11 researches were awarded $3 million each in areas like cancer research and gene mapping. zuckerberg it is aiming to entice more young people to enter the science field. >> hopefully what we are doing today will create something that is an inspiration to folks to encourage more work that you are taking on. >> the recipients of this year's prizes will help to choose next year's winners. the next award will have five prizes each focused on a different disease. >> why you need to shell out
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more money, or cash, next time you park in san francisco. >> it's like a smartphone for your head. google gives us a peek inside their latest technology and how you can get one for yourself. >> and thousands of california workers forced to take big pay cuts. perhaps, the details next.
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>> california will be hit hard, that is the prediction from defense secretary leon panetta, he told congress today the automatic spending cuts will cripple the workforce. he said quote the vast majority of the workers will have to be furloughed one day a week for half of the year. >> i think we would have serious readiness effects. i don't know where we get the money. these are legally binding
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limits, we will have to cut back on training significantly. >> he said that the california high number of federal workers the golden state will be hit hard by layoffs. the tsa, fbi and border patrol agents whompt is to blame? the republicans are pointing the finger at the white house and the white house is firing back. decide for yourself. a reality check straight ahead on our 6:00 news cast. >> two companies left in america. one is companies that are have been hacked and know it and two the companies that have been hacked and don't know it. >> that is a new statement behind the strategy to stop cyber crime. yesterday, we told you about a report that the chinese government has been hacking dozens of u.s. companies, including facebook and apple. u.s. law enforcement and intelligence agencies will work closely with the private sector
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to teach them about counter spying. the strategy calls for a more aggressive diplomatic response to trade secret thefts. stanford is the first college to raise more than one billion dollars in a single year. they out paced harvard. and third place yale, with $500 million. as for public universities, uc berkley was the leading fundrais fundraiser. >> get your hands on google glasses. it can take pictures or record video hands free as well as search the web and send mentssas by voice. this is new released video showing how it works. if you want to be a explorer, you must write a post in 50 words or less, explaining what you would do with the glasses. the chosen people will have to pay $1500 for the glasses.
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you do not get them for free. >> baseball season is right around the corner and this year watching the world series champs will cost you even more. parking near at&t park is about to get more expensive. on game days the meters will cost up to $7 an hour between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m., that is compared to $.25 an hour. >> the new rates go into effect in march. also in march, a big change on the golden gate bridge and most are not aware of it. it will go all electronic at the end of march. demonstrations were held to show how easy it is to switch to fast tractor if new license plate billing system. collectioning tolls manually costs $.83 per transaction.
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>> the count is on for one of the biggest parades. you can see that the chinese new year parade is being prepared for. judging by the amount of work and detail that goes into the master pieces the artists have are been working on them for a long time. this year's parade that will celebrate the year of the snake will start at second and market street in san francisco, 5:15 saturday night. >> it's a colorful night in the city. >> it is. >> how are we looking for the parade and tomorrow? >> yeah, we are going to clear out just in time for the chinese new year parade as we go through the up coming weekend. doppler radar is dry after all the wild activity yesterday. let's look at the big story and that was the cold temperatures this morning. coincidence, santa rosa had one of the largest jumps this
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afternoon, reaching 60. if you like what we had today, we have more. mid 60s coming in santa rosa. otherwise, winds ten to 20 miles an hour. prevailing out of the north, northwest that is making it blustery. it is feeling cooler out here to most of the bay area. let's go outside to the live hd sky camera network, you see in san jose, we are looking at the mount lick observatory, we have haze and plenty of clear skies in the south bay and up to san francisco, clear and windy. it will be a beautiful night across downtown. now, let's go to the weather picture. we have the system off to the north, it's weak as we get closer. it will break up, we are not expecting any rainfall from this thursday. earlier in the week, it looked like we may get a shower. but it will stay dry at this point.
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temperatures in the 50s for the coast line and the interior valleys we will have a few 60s and it will stay mainly sunday through friday's forecast. as far as future cast goes, a bit of fog down near the stan that cruz mountains. now, we will get you into the overnight temperatures. it will be cold again up in the north bay, with a few areas of patchy fog that could form in the north bay and santa cruz mountains and plenty of 30s for the east bay. thursday, 60 in san jose and 60 in palo alto. and san francisco upper 50s for you. 61 in santa rosa. on your three day forecast, the dry trend friday into saturday, slight chance of a shower but looks like we will remain mainly dry.
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sunday, mostly sunny conditions. a few clouds on monday and then by tuesday, a 50% chance of a shower. it's our next storm system that we have coming down the line and then for next wednesday, it will stay on the cooler side with temperatures in the low 60s. the big thing about yesterday was the fact that we had more rain in one day as we talked about than we had for the entire month of february. i know a lot of you want more rain, we will see what we can do here. >> what if it's a rainy march, perhaps? >> then, i would personally love it. yes, bring it on. >> we need it. thank you, jeff. a taggering amount of screen time, children born today will spend 25% of their lives looking at a screen. that number is actually low. the research was done in the uk and did not account for the screen time that the child will have once they have when they grow up and go to work.
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that is where we spend most of our time. >> still ahead, not often, you think of the postal service and cutting edge. with but there's a new effort to change that. >> holes in a murder case, oscar pistorius's defense gets a boost.
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>> a blow to the prosecution today in the bail hearing of oscar pistorius. his side of the story could not be ruled out because of sloppy police work. he claims he shot his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder. the detective made an error when identifying the substance in the bedroom. the bail hearing will continue tomorrow. in health matter there's new
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hope for parents of autistic children. now the word recover is used only once in a write-up in the study in the journal. and the lead researcher does not want to give parents false hope. he cautions that the overwhelming majority of children with autism will not recover but can make progress. the researcher is sasaid it's k why some children lose the symptoms.
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>> a woman's touch.
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this website is changed to make it more modern and welcoming to users and making you want to come back and visit throughout the day. users can share content from their own page and have the ability to customize it. >> okay, you can be hip like your mailman. you may have heard their motto, you can now wear that motto, rain, heat and snow is the name of the new product line. it has all weather jackets. head gear, footwear and clothing that accommodates things like ipods. the line will be introduced next year. only men's clothing and accessories will be available first and a woman's line later in the future. >> you ready? >> if they need a spokes person i can do that. >> you will be the model? >> why not? i talk rain and snow and --
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>> they have good absorbant material of course they have to deal with all the weather conditions. rain, snow, all that stuff. >> that will definitely be wearable stuff. let's get a look at the forecast. the pollen will be spiking up over the next 24 hours. we have winds 10-20 miles an hour. if you suffer from allergies that is tough thursday and friday. how about the seven-day forecast, we are starting cold here thursday with temperatures in the low 30s, sunshine by the afternoon on thursday and t10% chance of a shower on friday. the next best chance for rain is tuesday of next week. enjoy the rain yesterday, it will be slow going it seems the here throughout the end of february unfortunately. >> yeah. thank you jeff, up next, "nightly news" with brian williams and local news here with us at 6:00, hope to see you then. thanks.
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on our broadcast tonight, fighting back after those explosive allegations the chinese military has been reaching into american computers. and years of warnings about an approaching cyber war. now the white house has launched a major new offensive. the deadly explosion that blew a hole in the heart of a big u.s. city. the blast felt a mile away. tonight, they're still digging through what's left. storm warning. a huge winter system on the move. a dangerous mix in 18 states, 30 million americans in the path of this one. and hoop dreams for the
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unlikely star of the high school basketball team crushing the competition, though he's just about half their size. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. growing up in this country, you get accustomed to hearing the united states is the greatest nation on earth and the mightiest military force on the planet. what we don't like is feeling vulnerable, the way we do after we have been attacked. and now that we have learned of a massive cyber attack, electronic espionage allegedly at the hands of a branch of the chinese military, and the kind of attack we've been warned about for years, today the white house took action. the problem is, this wake-up call has already hit a slew of big companies, and could reach into our power grid, water systems, air traffic control. so we begin again tonight with nbc's andrea mitchell in our washington newsroom. an


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